My CEZ is a service provided to the clients or potential clients by CEZ Vanzare S.A., by means of which one offers details on the contract, consumption, payments, invoice history, new offers and other useful information on energy and gas and through which can ask for offers, submit documents and conclude supply contracts. In order to use the My CEZ online platform/mobile application please carefully read the following terms and conditions.

The My CEZ functionalities can be accessed both directly from the online platform available by the cezinfo.ro website – My CEZ section (or by directly accessing mycez.cezinfo.ro), and also by means of the application that can be downloaded on any of the platforms App Store or Google Play and used on the mobile phone. The application is compatible to the android operation systems starting with the Android 6.0 version and iOS starting with the iOS 10.0 version.

CEZ Vanzare S.A. cannot be held responsible for the difficulties a User may encounter in relation to the application request and download operation which are imputable to the App Store or Google Play platforms operators, as the case may be.

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the notion of “Client” will refer to any natural or legal person or authorized natural person that benefits from the CEZ Vanzare S.A. services based on a contract concluded in this regard.


CEZ Vanzare S.A. having its registered office in Craiova, 97 Calea Severinului Street, 1st floor, Dolj county, is the My CEZ holder and the data operator, from the perspective of personal data processing inherent to the use of My CEZ.


My CEZ can be used by any person (natural person Client or representative of a legal person Client) or other persons who are not CEZ Vanzare S.A. clients but use My CEZ in order to request offers and contract CEZ Vanzare S.A. services, that fulfil the following conditions:

  1. is a natural person, at least 18 years old, with legal capacity; CEZ Vanzare S.A. reserve their right to use available technical means in order to verify the age of the users; or
  2. is a representative of a legal person registered and operating in accordance with the Romanian laws, acting for and on behalf of the legal person; or
  3. is an authorised natural person (PFA);

and which accesses My CEZ by means of the online platform and/or downloads the mobile application, uses its functions and options and creates a user account (hereinafter referred to as “User”).


For using My CEZ by accessing the online platform, and also at the time of the mobile application instalment, the User must access the “Create new account” section and create an user account, which involves providing the following information:

For domestic clients:

  • client code (automatically obtained on the conclusion of the service contract with CEZ Vanzare S.A.);
  • validation code (the last 6 digits of the personal identification number);
  • phone number (optional);
  • e-mail address.

For non-domestic clients:

  • client code (automatically obtained on the conclusion of the service contract with CEZ Vanzare S.A.);
  • invoice number or contract number;
  • phone number (optional);
  • e-mail address.

For non-clients

  • e-mail address

In order to finalise the account creation process, the User must tick the box according to which he/she was informed on and accepted the provisions contained in the My CEZ Terms and Conditions and also is informed on his/her personal data processing, priorly carefully reading the Privacy Policy for My CEZ.

Subsequently to the registration of the new user account, logging in My CEZ, both in the version accessed on the online platform, and also in the mobile application version, will be done only by using the e-mail address and the password.

IMPORTANT! CEZ Vanzare S.A. may change at any time the categories of data required for the creation of a My CEZ account, if such changes are necessary for security reasons, to improve operations or are dictated by a legal obligation.


By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the User agrees to:

  1. in case he/she is a natural person, acts on his/her behalf and does not represent any other natural person, and if he/she is the representative of a legal person, he/she acts within the limits of the given power of attorney;
  2. supply correct and complete information in order to use My CEZ;
  3. not use My CEZ in order to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, distribute, publish or exploit in any commercial purpose the software, content, offers, products or services supplied by CEZ Vanzare S.A. or obtained by means of My CEZ, except for the prior written consent of CEZ Vanzare S.A;
  4. not use My CEZ for any illegal or forbidden purpose according to the stipulated Terms and Conditions or by any other relevant policies.

IMPORTANT! When a Client joined this service (by creating a new user account in My CEZ), certain communications related to the performance of the electric energy/natural gas supply contract (regarding the issue of invoices, maturity of invoices, notice of non-payment, self-read index insertion period, information regarding the planned/accidental interruption of electricity) will be made by electronic mail, via e-mail or push in notifications in case of the mobile application. You have the possibility to change this at any time, my modifying the settings in the Account settings section, Notifications preferences subsection, directly from My CEZ account.


My CEZ is made of the following sections:

  1. Main screen (which contains other subsections, such as: Balances, Indexes, Choose E-invoice, Offers, Ongoing actions, Contact us online, Account administration, Useful information)
  2. My contract (which has other subsections, such as: General information on the contract, Measure group information, Troubleshooting, Service orders history, Notices history, Estimated consumption-functionality available only on the web, Claims and notices)
  3. Invoices (with the following subsections: Your invoices, Invoices report, Payments report, Pay for another CEZ client)
  4. Index (with the following subsections: Transmission of self-read index, Registered indexes report, Consumption evolution report)
  5. Account settings (with the following subsections: Personal data, Account data, Notifications preferences)
  6. Offer demand, respectively the document upload flow, generation and validation of the service contract (details in section IX below).
  7. Tariff calculator
  8. E-invoice (details in section VIII below)
  9. Visit appointment
  10. Messages

In addition to the above, the My CEZ web version includes a special button on the homepage, positioned below the login section, which allows domestic users to view balance and billing information without the need for a My CEZ account. More details about this section can be found in the My CEZ Privacy Policy.


Any content element used within My CEZ, such as trademarks, service marks, logos, images, texts, graphics, audio materials, animations, articles and all other materials presented within them, belong exclusively to CEZ Vanzare S.A. and/or their partners. Also, all software and technologies used, offered or implemented on or through My CEZ are the property of CEZ Vanzare S.A. or of their licensors and they are protected by copyright law and other applicable laws.

Users are allowed to use all of these materials only to access and use My CEZ. These materials may not be copied, disassembled, modified, reproduced, published on other websites or mobile applications or in any network computerised environment, used for public purposes, included, changed or distributed, redistributed, licensed, sub-licensed or transferred in any form, by any person, without the prior written consent of CEZ Vanzare S.A.

CEZ Vanzare S.A. offers their Users a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to view, print or download any useful and/or possible materials from My CEZ, exclusively for personal, non-commercial use, provided that they keep in the downloaded materials all mentions concerning the copyright and other elements regarding the intellectual property existing in the original documents - without altering them.

The user declares and understands that any unauthorized use of these materials represents a violation of the intellectual property rights of CEZ Vanzare S.A., their partners or licensors and will entail the exercise by them of all legal remedies.

CEZ Vanzare S.A. is not responsible for the continuous operation of My CEZ, the compatibility between My CEZ and other applications used by the Users, nor for the use of My CEZ by fraudulent/abusive means and methods by any person.

CEZ Vanzare S.A. cannot control and does not offer any suggestions, guarantees or conditions regarding the security or the content of the external information that is transmitted from the My CEZ User network, through the Internet, in order to access and use My CEZ. My CEZ is available through the Internet - a network that is not under the direct or indirect control of CEZ Vanzare S.A.

CEZ Vanzare S.A. will do everything reasonably possible, will make every effort to maintain information security and will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure data security, but cannot guarantee that the information that the User receives or sends by using the services through the Internet will be permanently safe. Thus, CEZ Vanzare S.A. recommends Users to constantly check the security policies of the browser used, as well as the terminal used to access My CEZ, so that it has installed software against viruses of any kind or any external attacks such as cracking or hacking.

The User declares and guarantees that he/she has the legal right to access the services/applications of CEZ Vanzare S.A. and/or has been authorized/empowered by the holder for all the actions he undertakes in the applications of CEZ Vanzare S.A.

The user is forbidden to use and/or allow a third party to use My CEZ for immoral or illegal purposes.

The user has the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the access information to My CEZ (respectively, user and password), being solely responsible for any consequences that may have the disclosure of this access information to a third party, regardless of whether the disclosure was intentional, out of negligence or recklessness.

The User is directly responsible for all his/her actions and errors that lead to material losses and/or damages of any kind, for himself/herself or for third parties, regardless of whether he acted intentionally, negligently or recklessly (resulting in, for example, the facilitation of unauthorized transactions or fraudulent access attempts). The User can have access to My CEZ 24h/day, 7 days/week, except for the periods when My CEZ is restricted or suspended for technical reasons.

Users who affect the security of systems or networks or who threaten their integrity will bear the consequences (criminal or civil) established by the applicable legal norms.

CEZ Vanzare S.A. will make every diligences and efforts for My CEZ to operate at maximum parameters to transmit to Users all updated data and information. However, CEZ Vanzare S.A. does not guarantee that My CEZ does not contain errors or that they permanently operate at maximum parameters, so that CEZ Vanzare S.A. will not be legally responsible for any inadvertence or erroneous information presented in their applications, but will take all necessary actions to promptly remedy any errors, at the request of any User.

It is absolutely necessary to use a valid e-mail address to which you currently have access to manage all aspects related to the operations of My CEZ account. CEZ Vanzare S.A. assumes no responsibility for the use of e-mail address to which the User does not have access or to which he loses access for any reason or if his e-mail is accessed by third parties or is victim of a cyber-attack.


Information on how personal data collected or generated through My CEZ is processed and on the rights of data subjects and how they can be exercised can be found in the Privacy Policy for My CEZ.


The E-invoice represents the service of electronic transmission of the electricity or natural gas invoice, through the electronic mail („E-invoice”).

The service is available and can be activated via My CEZ. CEZ Vanzare S.A. clients can benefit from receiving the current electric energy/natural gas invoice on the e-mail address through this service.

  1. What is the E-invoice?

E-invoice is a service especially created for the CEZ Vanzare S.A. clients, through which the process of transmission-reception of the current electric energy or natural gas invoice in electronic format is ensured through the e-mail address.

IMPORTANT! When a Client has joined this new service (by creating a user account in My CEZ and subsequently expressly requesting the activation of the E-invoice service), he/she will no longer receive the current paper invoice. Returning to the reception of the invoice printed on paper can be done at any time, without additional costs. Deactivating or reactivating this option can be done by accessing the E-invoice section of the My CEZ account.

  1. What are the main benefits of using the E-invoice service?
  • reducing the transmission - reception time of the invoice – decreasing to a minimum the physical distribution time;
  • speed in making the decision to make the payment - once the invoice has been communicated to the Client, he/she has the possibility to make the decision to make the payment at that time or according to the payment term agreed by contract, considering the available budget;
  • real-time access to information - the possibility to view the invoice as soon as it has been issued;
  • electronic archiving of invoices with minimal impact on the environment;
  • free service - CEZ Vanzare S.A. does not charge any additional costs for using this service.
  1. What must a Client do to receive the E-invoice?

All a Client must do to receive the invoice in electronic format is to register in My CEZ by creating a user account, according to section III above and thus become a User according to these Terms and Conditions. Subsequently, he/she will access the E-invoice section, will press the "Activate" button, will fill in the e-mail address where he/she wants to receive the invoices and will confirm the activation link received on the respective address. 

  1. What must a Client of the E-invoice service consider?
  • The client must register in My CEZ by creating a user account;
  • The Client must mention a valid e-mail address. In case of an error, CEZ Vanzare S.A. will not be held responsible for the non-transmission of the invoice;
  • If there are changes regarding the e-mail address of the Client, he/she has the obligation to promptly notify CEZ Vanzare S.A.;
  • We recommend the periodical verification of the e-mail in order to follow the receipt of the current invoice and of the notifications sent by CEZ Vanzare S.A., as well as the permanent assurance of the sufficient space in the e-mail box for receiving the correspondence;
  • The invoice will be sent and can be viewed by the Client in PDF format;
  • The invoice is considered received when CEZ Vanzare S.A. send the e-mail with its copy attached to it;
  • Obligation to pay the current invoice issued by CEZ Vanzare S.A. is independent of whether or not the Client views the invoice and/or e-mail.

ATTENTION! CEZ Vanzare S.A. cannot be held responsible for the misuse of the service. It is the Client’s responsibility to protect himself and not to communicate to a third party, the information he/she receives or accesses through the E-invoice service.

  1. Which are the steps made by CEZ Vanzare S.A. once the service is activated?
  • The activation of the E-invoice service, if all joining conditions are met, according to the above;
  • The periodic sending (at the date of issuing the agreed invoice) of a notification e-mail that will contain the current invoice, in electronic format, to the e-mail address specified by the Client.
  1. How can one pay the invoice sent through the E-invoice service?

The payment of the electric energy invoice is made according to the due dates written on the invoice, at any of our partner banks, by Direct Debit, Internet Banking, bank transfer or payment by card or cash. Also, the payment of the invoice can be made online, through My CEZ, following the instructions in the E-invoice section.

In order to make the online payment, the following steps must be followed:

- select the invoice/invoices, select the option "Pay all" or "Pay in part" or if the payment is made for another CEZ Vanzare Client, enter the Client code and the amount to pay;

- the payment card data is entered.

After making the payment, the My CEZ User will receive the payment confirmation by e-mail to the e-mail address of the My CEZ account.

Any type of card issued by Romanian and foreign banks under the VISA and MasterCard logos is accepted. The condition is that the card in question has the online payment option active.

After entering the data on the card when making the online payment, they will not be used or stored by CEZ Vanzare S.A.

In the case of online card payments, directly from My CEZ, their processing will be done through a payment processor. At the time of payment, you will be redirected to a payment page provided by the payment processor PayU S.A. (third party service provider to CEZ Vanzare S.A.) in which you will find details on the terms and conditions for the use of the card payment functionality and on the processing of related personal data, performed by the payment processor. 


Clients and potential Clients can request service offers directly from their My CEZ account. In order to complete the application and go through the contracting process, it is necessary to go through the steps for opening a My CEZ account, if it does not exist.

After selecting the desired offer and providing information about the type of consumer, My CEZ will request the upload of the necessary documents according to the law for concluding the contract for the supply of electricity or natural gas, in the indicated formats. These documents are stored by CEZ Vanzare S.A. and are used exclusively for compliance with legal requirements in the field of electricity and / or natural gas. It is necessary to respect the formats and dimensions indicated in the loading page. In addition, you will be asked for customer identification information that will be used to complete and generate contracts.

All information provided in the process of generating contracts through My CEZ must be correct and complete. CEZ Vanzare S.A. is not responsible for invalidating the process of concluding contracts or delays or other damages that may occur due to false or incomplete information uploaded by Users.

All steps presented in the offer request and contract conclusion procedure are mandatory. The lack of any of the steps indicated in My CEZ makes it impossible to complete the contracting process.

IMPORTANT! The user has the possibility, as long as the My CEZ account is active, to download any documents available in My CEZ. The files downloaded from My CEZ represent durable media, which cannot be modified unilaterally by CEZ Vanzare S.A. or by the User. My CEZ users have the responsibility to download from My CEZ any documents they wish to keep or consult. CEZ Vanzare S.A. assumes no responsibility for any loss caused by the fact that the User did not use the option to download files from My CEZ before deactivating the account. If, after deactivating the My CEZ account, Users wish to consult certain documents to which they are entitled, in connection with the contracted services, they can send a request to cez_crc@cez.ro and, after completing the identification procedures, they will be able to receive the requested documents on a durable medium, insofar as they are entitled to receive them.

Please note that the procedure for concluding contracts, the list of documents required for this purpose, as well as the content of contracts are governed by applicable law (including in the field of electricity and / or natural gas and consumer protection) and do not enter into the scope of application of these Terms and Conditions, the electricity / natural gas supply contract constituting a contract concluded between the User and CEZ separately from these Terms and Conditions. Please read carefully the information provided on the cezinfo.ro website and contact CEZ Vanzare S.A. at cez_crc@cez.ro if you want to find out more details about the conditions for concluding electricity / natural gas supply contracts.


The deactivation of the account by the My CEZ User can be made:

  • by the User, directly from the account, accessing the Account Settings section, the Account Data subsection, the Deactivate account option, when he/she no longer wants to use the My CEZ services or is no longer the owner of the place of consumption;
  • by the supplier CEZ Vanzare S.A.: when the contract with the Client has ended and all the debts have been paid, at the Client’s request or when it is identified that the beneficiary of the account is not the same as the electric energy/natural gas supply contract.

Also, CEZ Vanzare S.A. may deactivate accounts unilaterally if it detects security issues and considers that such deactivation is necessary to prevent or minimize security risks.

Deactivating the My CEZ account does not lead to the final deletion of the information about the contract and about the services. Such information will be kept by CEZ Vanzare S.A. in consideration of the legislation in the field of electricity and natural gas, of the fiscal one and of the consumer protection. Customers whose My CEZ account is deactivated and wish to consult documents related to the services provided can send a written request to the contact details indicated in the previous section.


My CEZ may contain links („Links”) or references to other websites/platforms for the use of which specific terms and conditions of use will apply, as they are specified on the respective websites/platforms, CEZ Vanzare S.A. not being responsible and not assuming any obligation for the content of the respective websites and/or regarding any other links or references from them to other websites or web pages.

The inclusion of these Links or references in My CEZ is made, as a rule, for its help or in the interest of the User, and in other cases for advertising purposes.

CEZ Vanzare S.A. does not guarantee/control the actuality/accuracy of the information present on the websites of third parties to which they send the Links from My CEZ. By continuing to use My CEZ, the User understands and accepts that he/she accesses those websites and/or uses the products/services offered through them, exclusively at his/her own risk and responsibility and that CEZ Vanzare S.A. is not liable for the damages suffered as a result of accessing these Links and using the services provided on the websites to which the Links refer.


All the events of force majeure defined by the Romanian legislation represent a reason for suspension and extinguishment of the obligations of CEZ Vanzare S.A.

CEZ Vanzare S.A. will not be held liable for the failure to execute their obligations deriving from these Terms and Conditions, if such a failure to execute in due time and/or improper execution, totally or partially is due to a force majeure event. Force majeure is any unpredictable external event, absolutely invincible and unavoidable.


These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Romania. In case of disputes regarding the Terms and Conditions, an amicable settlement between the parties involved will be attempted. If no agreement is reached in this way, the disputes will be settled by the competent courts in Romania.

My CEZ can be accessed from anywhere in Romania, but also from outside this territory, as far as technical conditions allow. CEZ Vanzare S.A. does not guarantee in any way the compatibility of the content of My CEZ and/or their Terms and Conditions with the legislation applicable in the respective state from which the access is made by the User (including regarding the provisions regarding intellectual property rights).


Any User can submit a suggestion, a complaint and/or a notification regarding or related to My CEZ. Suggestions, complaints and/or notifications may be submitted via e-mail or by calling the Customer Service number indicated below.:

  • via e-mail, at the e-mail address: cez_crc@cez.ro;
  • by phone, on the phone number: 0251 929.

All suggestions, complaints and/or notifications submitted to CEZ Vanzare S.A. will include the surname, first name, telephone number, as well as the e-mail address to which he/she wishes to receive a reply from CEZ Vanzare S.A.

All complaints and/or notifications will be analysed by CEZ Vanzare S.A. and will receive a response within a maximum of 30 days of receiving them.


CEZ Vanzare S.A. may, at any time, revise the Terms and Conditions of Use of My CEZ. Continued use of My CEZ will be considered as an implicit acceptance of them by the User.

CEZ Vanzare S.A. recommends Users to carefully read the Terms and Conditions before any use of My CEZ to become aware of their updated version.

Use of My CEZ implies full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions mentioned, please do not use My CEZ.